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A woman's breast size is determined by the amount of estrogen hormones she produces at puberty as well as genetics. We know that higher levels of hormones produce more prominent breast size and shape. We have now discovered that your body can be naturally stimulated into producing these same hormones that increase breast tissue; even after puberty. This is done through the consumption of phyto-estrogens (non hormonal plant estrogens). Breast-Rx uses all ten key phyto-estrogens to stimulate your body's natural production of estrogens; therefore increasing your breast size and firmness as well as your confidence.

Most women will feel Breast-Rx working within weeks (usually mild tingling and/or increased sensitivity) of the breasts. You can expect a 1-2 FULL cup size increase within months! Every woman's body will respond at its own rate to Breast-Rx. Women of all ages and ethnicities will benefit from Breast-Rx. After you achieve the size and shape you desire, your results will be permanent. Of course with natural breasts, weight changes and breastfeeding may cause changes in breast shape and size. You can always use an additional supply of Breast-Rx if needed.

Many women are repeat customers because they enjoy the additional health benefits Breast-Rx breast pills offer. These ingredients have been known to promote balanced hormones which may lead to additional health benefits including:
relief from PMS symptoms (water weight gain, irritability, cramps); relief from menopause symptoms (sleeplessness, fatigue, dry skin, hot flashes); increased skin elasticity; smoother skin; more radiant skin; stronger nails; faster nail growth; more energy throughout the day; increased libido (sex drive); try Breast-Rx today!

The dosage is 3 pills per day. It is best to take 1 pill at a time with a meal or snack 3-6 hours apart. This will maximize your results by increasing the absorption of the herbs. It is never too late to enhance your breast size and shape. You have nothing to lose, except your inhibitions!

Supplement Facts
    Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
  Fenugreek Extract   220 mg
  Saw Palmetto 350 mg
  Fennel Seed   200mg
  L-Tyrosine   130 mg
  Mexican Wild Yam   200 mg
  Kelp Powder   90 mg
  Damiana   50 mg
  Dong Quai   50 mg
  Mother's Wort   50 mg
  Blessed Thistle   150 mg
Daily Value not established
Is Breast-Rx right for you? 
Breast-Rx is the ideal choice for you if:

Breast Enhancement

You want to feel more confident about your body
Breast Enhancement You want to look and feel more feminine
Breast Enhancement You want to improve the way you look in and out of clothes
Breast Enhancement You would like to have larger, fuller breasts
Breast Enhancement You don't want to have expensive, risky breast augmentation surgery
Breast Enhancement You are healthy and at least 18 years of age
Breast Enhancement You want to improve your breast firmness
Breast Enhancement Your breast shape may have changed over time and you would like to improve their appearance
Breast Enhancement Your breasts may look different after breastfeeding
and you would like firmer, rounder breasts
Breast-Rx is NOT right for you if:
Breast Enhancement You want to increase your breast size by more than 2 cup sizes
Breast Enhancement You are pregnant or nursing
Breast Enhancement You have a history of breast surgery or have significant breast scars, which can inhibit your body's response to Breast-Rx
Breast Enhancement You are under the age of 18
Breast Enhancement You have a history of radiation to the breasts or to the chest area, other than routine x-rays
Breast Enhancement You have any serious medical conditions
Breast Enhancement You have had an irregular breast mammogram within the past year

Breast-Rx offers a non-surgical breast augmentation solution to attaining fuller, firmer breasts with the help of a balanced combination of safe, all-natural ingredients. Our laboratory uses the highest quality breast augmentation ingredients and manufacturing procedures to produce the finest and most effective formula. Breast-Rx, our all-natural herbal supplement, remains a top seller among competitive brands, making it the #1 choice for those seeking safe and effective breast augmentation. Most women experience a 1-2 cup increase in size within months! So what are you waiting for? Order Now!
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